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Fun as Big as All Outdoors









Welcome to Slycraft.com. The items above are all available at Amazon.com. I also dabble in creating fun animation shorts, so if you've like something tailored to your business or just to send to a friend, you can reach me at sadar@slycraft.com.

Albin Sadar is the driving force behind Slycraft.com. In addition to co-authoring SLYCRAFT'S CATALOG OF STUFF and B.S. BENTLEY'S BEYOND BELIEF, he's created several Running Press Mini Kits: THE MEN'S UNDERWEAR REPAIR KIT, GROW YOUR OWN 6-PACK and MISTLETOE-ON-THE-GO. Additionally, he co-wrote and produced the children's video THE CHARTREUSE GOOSE, was an integral writer on two Emmy Award-winning television teams and masterminded the water-tower/hot-air balloon design standing at the entrance to NASCAR's Victory Junction Camp. Sadar also works as an actor and lives in New York City with his beautiful wife Anne.

Watch Albin Sadar with Jeff Probst on the FX Network Program "BackChat."

In addition to the fun animated videos below, we can create affordable animated videos that help to tell your story.

Want to get your staff or a client's attention?
Want to liven up a presentation?
Want your message to stand out and be memorable?

Email me to get the animated ball rolling.


The best way to reach me is at sadar@slycraft.com.