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Grow Your Own 6-Pack beer drinker's dream gift

INCLUDES: 6 Seed-Tabs, 1 Plastic Pack-Wrangler, 1 "Keep Off" Sign, and a helpful Instruction Manual

Grow Your Own 6-Pack novelty manual

 IMAGINE!  Growing an entire 6-pack in an incredible amount of time!

Grow Your Own 6-Pack novelties packaging

All bagged and ready to go!

 Just in time for Your
 Sweaty Summer Party!



"Oh, yeah," (you're thinking) "this is just TOO sweet!  Slycraft has gone and done the impossible!"

You got THAT right!
Here's the kit that's sure to satisfy the thirstiest, hardest-workingest person on the planet -- AND for just the cost of a cheap, store-bought 6-pack!

The Instruction Manual fills you in on every trick: how to plant the seed-tabs, how to do almost no work while Mother Nature does all the sweating... AND just what garden ne'er-do-wells to keep your eye out for!

Grow-Your-Own 6-Pack
 makes a great gift for a good friend, or even your BEST friend... YOU!

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