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All Slycraft novelties are hand crafted to be used in a safe and non-destructive manner. Any injury occurring from inappropriate application of Slycraft products is solely the responsibility of the customer.

Slycraft Industries


Ever get so frustrated you want to bang your head against the wall?

Though banging one's head against a wall has certain benefits, there are down sides, too.

  1. It often damages the wall.
  2. It disturbs co-workers in neighboring offices or cubicles.
  3. Head banging injuries are often not covered by company health plans. (Insurance companies consider it cosmetic  brain surgery.)

Well, thanks to our brilliant friends at Slycraft, you can enjoy the benefits of headbanging with none of the annoying side effects.

The Headbanger is an animated  device that lets you get out all your frustrations. Turn the little crank, and watch the fellow repeatedly bang his noggin against a brick wall.

Each Headbanger is handmade by Slycraftsmen. Keep one on your desk, in the kitchen, or even near your bed -- Any place you get frustrated. And when the urge hits you to knock your head against a wall, use the Headbanger instead and crank your troubles away.