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All Slycraft novelties are hand crafted to be used in a safe and non-destructive manner. Any injury occurring from inappropriate application of Slycraft products is solely the responsibility of the customer.

Snumpers sneakers bumper stickers novelty

Snumpers bumper stickers for sneakers

Snumpers kids sneakers bumper stickers

Snumpers kids sneakers novelty gifts

Special Introductory Price...

Only $2.29 a package
full of 10 Snumpers.

Or Get BOTH Sets
(all 20 Snumpers)
for just $3.99!

Bumper stickers are so cool... they're funny, they make a statement, and they're adhesive! Only one drawback -- YOU NEED A CAR!

But now, ANYONE with a pair of shoes can get in on the fun with...

Bumper Stickers For Your Sneakers

Peel 'em off, slam 'em on, and let your feet do the talkin' while you do the walkin'!

Snumpers childrens bumper stickers sneakersEach package of Snumpers contains 10 snappy  mini-bumper stickers. Some are funny, some make a statement, and some are just plain WEIRD! You may not have the most expensive sneakers on the block, but you will certainly have the funniest.

 Snumpers sneaker gift noveltiesThere are two sets of Snumpers with more sets on the way.  We'll also include some blanks for you to design your own original Snumpers.