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Everything’s closing in on you. You just can’t take it anymore.
The world has eaten you up, spit you out, and is coming back for seconds.
But don't despair! What you need is...

Surrender Flag novelty fun way to give up

Here's Proof that
Slycraft's Surrender Flag
Really, Really Works...

Surrender Flag history
Napoleon surrender
during the battle of
Maison De'Mere

Surrender Flag travel novelties
Admiral Nelson surrender
to the Spanish Armada

Surrender Flag accounting scandal's Accountant
ing during
last year's audit


Larry facing his wife Pat*

  Y es, there's no shame in giving up. To most of us, in fact, giving up comes quite naturally.

If you paid attention in History Class, you'd know that some of the world's greatest figures have given up at some point or another.

And think of all the fun you and your family will have, giving up whenever you face a challenge!

Surrender Flag Iraq gifts

Our Iraqi Sales Rep, Bob*


Surrender Flag ready for fun action

So Come On, Give Up!  Order Now!


*Names changed to protect the innocent.

The Perfect Addition to the Surrender Flag!
I Told You So button know-it-all gift

(and button)

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P.S.  Perfect for Bachelor Parties!

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